Tuesday, April 20, 2010

About my project

I am so happy that I am done with my presentation :) I was very nervous (forgot everything I was supposed to say) even though prepared thoroughly. I am just not much of a speaker... actually have fear of public speaking.
The topic I was presenting on was "Virtual Worlds: Multiple Perspectives". First, I started with the definition and brief overview of virtual worlds (VWs) that included their common features and types. I analyzed VWs from three perspectives: educational, business, and sociological.
From the first perspective, virtual reality (VR) is a great educational tool. Faculty uses VR to hold lectures and meetings with students, get computer programming tutorials. Virtual museums, galleries and libraries are aslo a resource for educators. VWs have also been used for educational purposes in modern medicine and the military.
The second perspective looks at VWs as a business tool used for a variety of purposes ranging from marketing to recruiting. VR is also used by companies for internal collaboration. We watched a video that showed how that works.
The last perspective analyzed was sociological. One of the first sociological concepts to describe VWs was "community". Scholars often define VWs as "intentional digital communities" that provide new opportunities for interpersonal relationships increasing social capital for both individuals and societies. The popularity and global reach of VWs provide for cross-cultural exchange.
In conclusion, VWs do impact our lives significantly transforming the way we think about education, business, and social activities in the real world.
I hope it was a useful and informative presentation, thank you all for being a great audience.


  1. Wow you fooled me pretty good. You didn't seem nervous and spoke very clearly. Very interesting topic indeed! :]

  2. You presented your topic very eloquently. Nicely done.

  3. Your presentation was well done. Virtual worlds is an interesting topic. I enjoyed it very much.

  4. It was so interesting presentation. Nice work!

  5. The presentation was not bad at all. Everything went smoothly and logically. Nice job! You will find out what reaaly public anxiety is when i am presenting.

  6. Pretty good presentation. I loved It.